Productivity Hacks For Stay At Home Moms.

Women are the greatest blessing of the creator. He has blessed her with some extra ordinary powers. With the help of those powers, she can shake the whole world. Mother –child relationship is the best relationship of the whole world. To become a mother is the dream of the every woman.

Being a mother is a great responsibility. Someone has beautifully said that productivity hacks for the women who stay at home. This phrase will be true in the ancient times. At that time, women don’t have many resources available so that she can handle both their tasks like a job and home management. But with the advent of the internet and technology, new inventions and developments have made possible for the women to manage the home as well as job simultaneously.

Money is the most striking phase of the today’s world. Money is much more essential for the women because she has to be equal with the man and become financially independent and do whatever what she wants. The one unforgettable fact is that kids are the first responsibility for the mothers. Mothers cannot neglect his or her caring at any cost. For this reasons, women have to leave her job when her kids are small. She has to do sacrifice her desires but just because of their kids. Man is always dominating. As the trend has been continuously following from the last decades, women can sit at home and look after the kids and man will the income source. But with the fast changing of life and increase of the competition in the market, it becomes the necessity that both parents must be working.

The environment is asking for changes. But our social and mentality of the society always hinder the productivity of the women. Who said that the productivity of the women while sitting at home is reducing? But the fact is that she is increasing in terms of caring for the child. She becomes more effective and efficient in handling the home management. No doubt, she is increasing in this area but at the same time, she is lacking with the area where she is expert enough to handle. Her dream projects are waiting for her. She loses her identity; she is just the mother who handles and takes care of her child. This seems good for some time, but after some time, she will definitely realize the importance of self-respect and self-identity.

The next problem arises at this level she has to go outside to make her identity and neglect her responsibilities but these days the new concept of working has come in the market. The new concept is work from home. She can become the freelancer to fulfil her dreams to make her identity. One of the latest researches has shown that employees who work from home are more productive and have job satisfaction. The women of the 21st century has made possible to manage the both home and job simultaneously.

Benefits of work from home for the mother which surely increase her productivity in doing all the affairs of work:

No barrier of the location:

The first benefit of work from home for the mother is that they can work from any geographical area of the world. There is no barrier of location. She doesn’t have to go to the office by neglecting her responsibilities towards her child. When she is satisfied internally. Her productivity towards her goal has definitely increased.

Get proper platform for her talent:

The next benefit for the mother is that their talent can never waste at the cost of child negligence. By fulfilling her duties towards her family, she is also researching on the latest topics of her knowledge that not only make her financially independence but also enhances her talent. Ultimately, their productivity will definitely increase.

Well versed environment:

The third benefit for the mother is that environment is known to her and environment doesn’t impact on her productivity.

To spend more time with family:

The Fourth benefit she can enjoy is that she can spend much time with their family and friends. When she is satisfied with her personal life, she will definitely perform excel in her professional life. Excellence means higher productivity in the work.

Stress-Free Environment:

The fifth benefit that the mother enjoys is the less stressful environment. She is well versed with the environment. And it is very helpful in increasing the productivity of the person.

Free From Distraction:

The next benefit she can feel is the less distraction in the work .it ultimately leads to increase her productivity.

Save More Money:

The next benefit is to cut the hidden cost those women have to incur in going office like transportation cost. Moreover travelling time is saved, that time she invests in doing work. As she works more without any tiredness of travelling, her productivity will also increase.


The eighth benefit is the flexibility. She can work according to her timings. One she has the mood to work, she can do the work. She cannot do the work. When persons work according to the mood, her productivity is increased to the greatest extent.

Better Health:

The next important benefit to work from home is that women lead to better health. For the long commuters, there is so much stress at the physical and mental level. It will adversely affect the health of the persons. Diseased person productivity is always less than the healthy person.

Better work or home balance:

There is a proper balance between the home and work life. Women can easily manage their home as well as work very effectively and efficiently.

One of the latest theories has shown that women can work harder than the men.  She can work number of hours than the men. Researchers are found in the new theory that men are less productive than the female. It means women have so much capacity and calibre to do the jobs effectively, efficiently and for a longer period of time.