The Guide For Stay Home Mom– How To Deal With Emergency Cases

Everyone needs to be prepared to deal with emergency cases such as heart attacks, broken bones, car accidents, falls that may occur.  An average emergency room visit may take up to hours; therefore you also need to keep an eye on your kids while you are away. Majority of kids cannot wait for up to 4 hours for the parents to come back and take care of them, thus there has to be someone while you are away. You have to know that they are also having their snacks and lunch break as usual. You cannot take care of one child and leave the other unattended.

Apart from aforementioned factors, the only way is to get a person who will act as your babysitter. The individual has to have experience in dealing with kids and has to create time to offer assistance.

  • Befriend your neighbor

In case of an emergency situation who will watch over your kids? The most liable individual may be your partner, friend, parent or relatives. However, at times they may not be around so it is good to befriend your neighbor. You need to know how to make your neighbors your friends so that you can leave your kids with them while you attend to some other issues. The individuals must also be trustworthy and willing to offer their assistance.  If you are making a selection on whom you want to take care of your kids. You need to check a person who lives closer to your area and they must also be reliable. It is impossible to get a relative that stays 2 hours away from your place. Additionally, a 90 year old grandmother would not be of any assistance since they can’t hear or are too weak.

  • Have your emergency contact numbers

You need to have an emergency contact list that contains phone numbers and names of important individuals. In instances where you carry your mobile phone, place the entry for ‘ICE’ listing to deal with emergency issues. A good example is ICE-Sammy or ICE Lisa and other phone numbers you can reach out if required. In instances where you do not have a phone number, then you have to carry a notebook and a pen around. Ensure that you place the emergency contact list in the notebook. Additionally, have this list on the front door of your house or in an accessible area.

  • Rules & regulations in your home

It is your responsibility to ensure that the individual who will look after your kids know the rules. These are rules that you have imposed on your kids and thus you need to clarify this information. Good examples include: allergic to certain foods, the use of lemonade make your kids hyper, they are not allowed to go with the family car alone or use mobile phone to text. The person may also need to know the time to get the kids to bed and how to go about handling other tasks while the kids are around.