The role of parents in early childhood learning

The strong foundation is an essential part of any human life and that can be best nurtured in childhood. Like when a bud grows with time, the quality of fruits depends on its upbringing. Similarly, the kids follow what they are been taught in their childhood. Not only taught they capture everything in their surrounds and that reflects in their personality when they grow up.

Take an example, kids in their childhood are like new brand MAC, with no software, no programs and no information. You install everything and they are smart mac they not only install what you tell them but also capture what goes around. They need to be pampered and use various tantrums to make them understand life and install good habit. However, there is a twist your child is unique. They have their own capabilities and it’s very important to spend time with them to know what they need and their behaviour towards others and other activities.

As they grow the ways of parenting should also be upskilled for example you cannot tell a one-year-old to have breakfast without spreading around it you cannot tell them to walk properly. The age factor is mandatory to decide what is right for them, however, remember no matter they are one or 8 years old they always notice your behaviour and attitude. They start following your acts mentally and by the way, the kid’s brain works much faster than an adult brain in terms of creativity and another mental exercise hence mind your steps and attitude when they are around.

Many blogs might give you a rough idea however if you see practically everything relating to parenting can be divided into two sessions. Before we start remember kids don’t understand formal training, either instruction. It needs to be playful and interactive session every time you interact with them

Physical health and hygiene:


Keeping everything aside this is the most important aspect as unless you tell them to keep the room clean they will mess it up and more than telling them to do some cleaning thing every day when they are around. Tell them about table manners, for example, every time they have a food challenge them to show them the percentage of food fallen while breakfast or dinner. Wearing washed clothes and the wrong impression if they wear dirty clothes should be demonstrated in a playful manner.

Active participation:

We know the realities of the world and how the life works the more you interact and are active socially the more are the opportunities to grow. Find out what they like their hobbies what they love to do. Do they love playing football or creating art consult the communities and make them join such groups in your locality it’s you who need to find what makes them feel good?


As said before kids are faster when it comes to physical activates. Have you ever noticed that energy when they play for hours still they want to swim? Try to make it a habit to prevent obesity, feeling lethargic or lack of flexibility. As per a research, the kids learn to swim 8 times faster and for more hours than an adult. It’s all about habits. People learn these habits at the age of 30 when they suffer from back pain and consult doctors. Don’t let your kids fall into that categories. Make sure they develop habit is

Health checkup:

It’s not only important for you to get a health checkup of your kid’s but it’s also the habit they should develop for their future. The anaemia and elevated lead levels are screened for a child of 1 to 3 years other than the above they should be educated and trained to take annual or half yearly check up for the life time. it’s all about habit and is one of the critical parts of parenting.

Healthy bites:

To maintain a healthy weight and normal growth it is necessary to have good eating habits. Make sure you consult a child health care provider to determine their healthy habits. It’s necessary to cut down the sugar intake and other bad eating habits. Encourage your child to eat healthily make the healthy food tasty and what they eat to prefer.

Make it a family meal time and make it pleasant rather than scolding and arguing. Do not create a stressful environment while having meals. Try to involve your kids in food shopping and let them experience the right way of getting the right food. Make the food nutritious. Remember what they eat now they will continue to eat in future

Mental health and hygiene


What they see they copy. In the childhood age, the kids behave like a small photocopy machine that will be scanning in present and behaving for the whole life. These are usually termed as values. Avoid getting irritated, sounding harsh and behaving rudely in front of your kids. This is kind of programming their minds. Develop an “I can” attitude as we all know the setbacks and the life failures may knock down. Play games and teach them the “I can” attitude like a sportsman. By behaving in a certain way, they cultivate improved attention, concentration, self-control and problem-solving skills.

The habit of making good friends:

Some parents keep their children away from the crowd to prevent them from any bad habits or abuse. Remember no child can learn what’s life unless they go out and engage in conversation. Your duty is to teach them how to choose friend not to refrain them from making friends. the more they socialize the more practical they become. We all know one day the other they will be in the real world and if they don’t do that since the childhood they might be recognized as aliens.

Family Values: what happens when you meet a kid who is ignorant and just runs around with a funny face. That is ok they are a kid but what if an adult misbehaves when there is a guest in the house. it’s weird. The habit of courtesy and respect can be built on the foundation. Make them behave in a certain manner when they are in a party or a play school or visiting someone.


Spirituality improves the quality of living and defiantly adds values in a living being. I know you might say it’s too early for them to understand that however just take your kids to church or and be asking them to pray before a meal. Tell them to be grateful for everything and be thankful for their amazing life.


After parents, the maximum time kids spent is with the teacher. The teacher plays a very vital role in building the mental health of the child. Before you choose a school for your kids to interview the teacher. Ask them how they motivate kids, do they scold etc.  Observe their behaviour patterns and how they respond. Make sure they are not arrogant and get annoyed. Your kid’s future rests in their hands so be careful to choose the right teacher and school. it is same like the concept “don’t go with the false brand, go with the matter”


Remember, you must act like an artist rather a creative and attentive artist when kids are with you as they will follow what you do. Every parent wants to do best for their children and these tips will make sure you are the best parent in the world. Play with them, spent time, give them attention so that they can be a better human being and you can share a friendly bond lifelong.