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All About Parenting

Parenting is not that simple as most people assume. It is not common to hear of a non parent taking off leave period to stay with a kid back home. Do you think it is so enjoyable to have a screaming toddler around your home? If you are a non parent, then you do not know what it takes to be a parent.

New mothers

If you are a new mother, then you will be so lucky to have a 3 hour rest while nursing your baby and this will be comforting. At times a new born baby can be ungrateful and be upset 24/7. Apart from this you have to give the baby a bath at great speeds or not being able to go to the market and leave the baby alone. Additionally, you have to ensure that the laundry and cooking is done on daily basis. As young parents you come to realize that parenting is not a simple task… if the child gets to 2-4 years they are now independent since they can communicate and they want to do other things by themselves. However, if you get a stubborn child who never wants to listen they will do much destruction to a whole new level. Think about a child getting to paint the walls with crayons and have mud dough everywhere.

What parents go through

When kids are growing up to 10-14 years they become less destructive and some may never mess your home. However, there are certain attributes with growing kids like leaving pairs of shoes on the door mat, leaving used cups and plates on the table etc. with teenage attitudes, they stop listening to what you say and they think they are right about everything. They roll over their eyes and try to argue with you all the time you try to correct them.  I remember when I used to be a young kid. At times I feel sorry for the parents since I understand what they have to go through to raise their children. Yes parenting is not an easy task but it has its rewards. I always love my kids and I want them to grow up just like myself. Majority of parents love their children and they will do everything to ensure that they are secure in all ways while at home or school.

Is there a manual for parenting?

Unfortunately there is no manual for parenting. As a new parent, you have to figure out what to do so that your child grows well and feels the joy of what you are doing. Your child is a little creature that you made and as such you need to watch them grow plus ensure you provide them a comfortable life.  If you are tired and frustrated, you need to know that you wanted to be a parent to start with. Additionally, you need to share your life with the human you created. Your child is your gift and that you need to enjoy life together. You also need to know that you are a strong since being a parent is not for the weak.