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What Skin Care Products Are Safe to Use During Pregnancy

When it comes to the skin care products, many womens love to use branded creams for body, face, tans, sunscreens and much more.  When you are pregnant, your skin will go through many changes from stretch marks and acne to itchiness and rashes during pregnancy because of the baby growing inside you. So, you should be very careful in choosing the skin care products as it may affect your baby inside your womb. You must avoid the creams and lotions which contains retinoids, vitamin A derivatives and also the products containing salicylic acid which is also known as beta hydroxyl acid. These mixtures can cause a potential harm to your baby developing inside. So you should choose the products carefully which contains lactic acid, glycolic acid or the lotions suggested by your perspective doctors during pregnancy.

What kind of moisturizers can a pregnant woman use?

Creams and lotions with the ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and shea butter can be used by the woman during her pregnancy. Also you should not use spray tans or other spray products during pregnancy because if you inhale it through mouth or eye, you will be infected and also it harms your baby because it can easily enter into your body. Also cellulite creams must be avoided because it contains retinols and caffeine which is linked with the severe birth defects for your baby.

Most of the common skin changes every woman will undergo during pregnancy are,

  • Pregnancy glow
  • Increased Acne
  • Skin darkening
  • Skin sensitivity

Pregnancy glow

The volume of blood coursing through your veins is increased up to 50 percent during your pregnancy. This increase in blood flow will make your face and skin brighter and gives you a gorgeous pregnancy glow.

Increased acne

Some woman get glow and some gets acne. This is based on the skin and the body nature of the woman. During pregnancy, the hormone changes is high and it gets increased which results in severe breakouts which causes acne.

Skin darkening

The mask of pregnancy hormones will make your skin darker and increases the pigmentation. Most of the woman during her pregnancy experiences this phenomenon mostly in the cheeks and forehead.

Skin sensitivity

The skin will get extra sensitive to the environmental irritants and to the exposure of the sun during pregnancy. Even the skincare products you used before will irritate your skin and gives you an itchy feeling because of the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Anything you apply on your skin will definitely affect your developing fetus. The baby will have less able to fight for the irritants and the products with harmful ingredients will affect the baby. So you should be careful while using the skin products during pregnancy. It is necessary to check with skin care products you use during pregnancy. The products to avoid during pregnancy are makeup, body wash, hair care and nail care products, hair dyes etc.What Skin Care Products Are Safe to Use During Pregnancy

Also for bathing, you should choose the best body wash for pregnancy because it should be free from the harmful ingredients. The importance of using best body wash is your skin should not get affected during pregnancy. When you use the wrong body wash, the skin automatically gets aggravated and causes skin allergies or harms the baby. The best body wash for pregnancy are listed below:

  • Aveeno active naturals skin relief body wash, fragrance free
  • NIVEA creme sensitive moisturizing Body wash
  • Bioderma atoderm shower oil
  • Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  • CeraVe hydrating body wash
  • Puracy natural body wash

Aveeno active naturals skin relief body wash

This body wash is a fragrance free and it is best for the woman who gets itchy and dry skin during their pregnancy. It is made by an experienced brand with 6 years of satisfied service in the market. It keeps your skin moisturized for 24 hours with no side effects.

NIVEA creme sensitive moisturizing Body wash

NIVEA body wash comes with an extra mind cleansing formula and is free from soap and dyes. It is applicable even for the people with soft skin and it has hydra IQ skin advancement which is created to give long lasting moisture to the skin.

Bioderma atoderm shower oil

It is an ultra nourishing oil which is free from toxic irritants which may harm a pregnant woman. Within a month of use, the moisture of the skin changes and it looks good and glow more than before. It suits for all the skin types and does not cause any allergic symptoms to the skin.

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

This product is mild and non-irritating one even for the pregnant woman. It is being suggested by more doctors and has a soap free formula. It is also hypo allergenic and causes no harm to the skin and will not clog the pores.

CeraVe hydrating body wash

It is a body wash which is being approved by National Eczema Association and it is more safety to use that too for a pregnant woman. It contains no paraben and sulphates and instead of that it contains ceramides which helps to restore the moisture while strengthening the skin and it improves the defense against the external elements.

Puracy natural body wash

It is a natural body wash which has a plant- powered formula and you can enjoy the effectiveness of the citrus and the sea salt. This product is a cruelty free product and comes with a concentrated formula which allows a single bottle to last for a month or two.

As the pregnant woman undergoes a lot of problems, by choosing the best body wash for pregnancy, it will make her free from the skin allergies and other skin problems. As face may get more pores during pregnancy and the skin color changes, you can use the skin products which are prescribed by your gynecologist. By using the right products makes your skin and body glow brighter and it gives you better look.