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What To Expect In Parenthood

The reality of life falls when we less expect. Majority of people get married because they love the idea of marriage. It later turns out that marriage is lot different from what you expected.  In marriage the reality and expectations come when we get the first baby. If you are expecting, there is the bonding between the mother and the child. You will be aware of what you are supposed to do to ensure that your child is doing well. There is also the unconditional love between the mother and the child.

After birth

When a mother gives birth to her first born child, they may feel uncomfortable than during pregnancy period. Majority of the babies do cry a lot and you may not be aware what you need to do. You can think you have an idea of what to do when the kid starts to cry. Most mothers try a lot of things to stop the tears, and this is not a good experience. When the kid stops crying and takes a nap, this is quite a magical moment. Will you be sleeping once again? For most parents their sleeping pattern evolves to this point onwards. As days go by, you feel overwhelmed since the baby would start smiling and looking at what you do. In all phases of parenthood, you will be happy and have lots of joy.

Growing children

As our children grow everything gets better and different. Every age is a whole new experience that brings joy and beauty. However, there are lots of challenges that come about with parenting; it is always good to watch children grow. Parenting may involve 18 to 20 years of commitment. As a parent you don’t stop to worry about your child whereabouts. Now, the kids are going 38 years and until now you want to check how they are doing. You always have parental feelings even after your kids are married and have children of their own. You will also be thinking of their families and always want to hear from them.

Parenting responsibilities

There are things that are unexpected especially when you have your first born child. You are finally a mother, and you now begin to understand why your parents used to worry much about you. This is the moment when you become familiar with parenting and you now become a confident parent. If you have more children, then you have a ‘wild’ time while at your house. As a parent you already know what I mean.

Most things at home remain the same, if you have children around or not. There may also be the challenges that come up in our marriage life. However, parenting tasks apply whether you are married; single or divorced… the good days and bad days apply. If you are experiencing bad times, you need to consider the good days and the adventure that comes about with parenting. Watch out for more good days as your children grow up.